We scour new and international market places for the best products to bring to the UK and beyond

If you have a product you want to discuss with us then please Contact us

Our Service Is Connecting New Products

With New Markets

Strategic brand and product development

If you have a product you want to discuss with us then please Contact us
We Develop
Working with inventors to improve product features and maximise product potential and fit within markets
We Sell
Selling and distributing products through retail outlets where it can be found by the key customer demographic
We Manage
Nurturing a brand ethos, and growing through a consistent and active messaging and marketing process

We ensure Product Fit

Products aren’t guaranteed to cross international borders, and knowledge of local consumer lifestyle and behaviour is everything. We assess the opportunity of new products, and establish required product/pack developments, as well as the best routes to market success.

...and Right Packaging

It is no secret how sensitive consumers are to product ‘personality’, and what works in one market won’t necessarily work in another. Decisions are made in milliseconds…fortunately we understand consumers, branding, and product design to ensure best results.

We sell through the right channels

Not just to everyone.

We look after your brand

Promoting, controlling, nurturing brand identity.

It’s what we do.