About us

We are crazy about clever products

Since 2007, the folks at Huni have sought to find clever products which it can bring to the general public. Products that make life just that little bit simpler, or just that little bit easier. We are passionate about smart solutions, and we have a dynamic, growing portfolio of products that deliver on exactly that

Our Focus

Our area of passion is in household, outdoor, and professional innovations that are within the reach of everyone. Gimmicks, fads, and over-engineered solutions to minor problems are not our bag. We seek out and offer only products that are simple, functional, and effective. Products must serve a real purpose, and solve real issues for the long term.

Management Team

Our multifaceted team have a wide skill set to ensure the success of chosen brands

Craig Huth

Managing Director

James Nicholson-Smith

Finance Director

Carl Stanley

Product Manager
Years Retail Experience
Managed Brands
Years Operational

Our History

Established in 2007.

More information coming soon.